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The tools they used depend on the era and the job being done. Basic tools include hammers, spears, and bows.

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Q: What were the tools they used?
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What are some of the tools that the Hopi used?

They used metal tools

What tools did a medieval priest use?

they used wooden tools they used wooden tools

What tools did homo erectus used?

Well all I can say is that their main tools were hand axes. They were used to smash, beat, and cut.

What were the tools the middle colonies used?

The tools that were used in the middle colonies were simple tools. These tools included knives and axes for example.

What are the cooking tools used in Romania?

These cooking tools are similar to the tools used in other countries from Europe.

What tools did eastern woodlands used?

They used wood and bark for tools

What types of tools did Incas use?

they used sticks and used them as tools.

What were the tools hunter gatherer used?

description about tools used by hunters

What are the most common tools used by jewelers?

There are multiple tools used by jewelers. The most used tools vary depending on the need of the customers.

What tools were used by the akkadians?

bronze tools

What are construction tools used for?

Construction tools are used primarily in building construction.

What tools were used to build the cathedral of notre dame?

they used hand tools