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I would have to say that the two biggest medical advances during the Industrial Revolution are the smallpox vaccine in 1796 by Edward Jenner, and the invention of the X- ray in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

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Q: What were the 2 biggest medical advances during the Industrial Revolution?
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How did medical advances of the 1800' s change industrial societies?

They helped to lower infant mortality rates. GB

Which led to population growth during the Industrial Revolution?

The improvement of medicine and the medical field led to the population growth during the Industrial Revolution. Also, the up in agriculture led to the growth.Ê

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by entering industrial employment and providing medical aid for soldiers on both sides

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There were many great medical advances that occurred in the 1950's. A few of the best advances was the start of antibiotics, the polio vaccine, and the ultrasound.

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Yes as medical science advances, there have been some changes. Overall, however, the biggest change is in the number of C sections.

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the 20th century

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because there were

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Why were people afraid of industry and medical advances?

People have always been afraid of things they do not understand. Before the industrial revolution and before the massive leaps and bounds that were taken in medicine. People had developed a simplistic understanding of how things worked. Now it turns out that things are not so simple and it is far easier to fear what you don't understand then to try to come to terms with it.