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I'm not sure about medicine but he designed most of the first artificial heart but he was killed before he could finish it.

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Q: What were dr victor chang's contribution to Australian medicine?
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Did victor changs murderer get caught?


What was victor changs scientific discovery?

he made a robot

Is vanessa chang victor chang's daughter?

yes vanessa chang is victor changs daugter

When did Victor Changs mum die?

Her mother died in 1948 when Victor was 12 years old.

What was Dr Victor Changs education like when he was young?

Weaverham High School, Northwich, Cheshire, England

What is the contribution of Victor Hugo to food service?

Victor Hugo opened a delicatesin in England in 1940.

Who is victor chang?

victor Chang is an Asian Australian who invented the heart transplant.

What did victor Chang do?

victor chang was a heart surgeon he was awarded the companion of the order of australia and australian of the century

What is Victor Chang's date of Migration?

Victor peter chang was a sig nifficant Australian heart surgeon who dedicated & devoted time to others and was one of the best Australian heart surgeons in Australia. Victor peter chang migrated in 1956

What did Victor Chang study?

He studied medicine at Sydney University.

Is Victor Chang an Australian?

Victor Chang was born in Shanghai to Australian born Chinese parents and grew up in Hong Kong. He is described as a Chinese Australian. He had his medical training in Australia and further training in England and the USA. He was a renowned cardiac surgeon. He was murdered in Sydney in 1991.

How did dr Victor Chang get his fame?

Victor became famous because he was the first person to figure out how to transplant a heart. He saved more than 260 lives and won Australian of the year and was awarded Australian of the century in 2000.