What weapons are illegal in UK?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have reasarched and asked some of the cops and i have found out what weapons are illegal in uk:
Baseball bats or any type of bats
Air guns
Any sharp weapons
and any other weapons that can cause damage or kill other human.

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Q: What weapons are illegal in UK?
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Illegal weapons are by definition already banned.

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It depends on your living area. In fact, very few weapons are actually illegal. It's just usually illegal to carry concealed weapons. If you live in Canada were there is no right to bear arms, only then is it illegal. If you have the right to bear arms then no it is not illegal.

What is gun traffiking a illegal?

gun trafficing is illegal. transporting for sale of illegal weapons.

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As a general rule, MOST Asian Martial Arts weapons are considered to be prohibited weapons. In some states, while the object itself may not be illegal, per se, it is the manner in which it is used or employed that would make it unlawful.

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They are illegal in some countries, such as the UK.

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if they have a licence there not illegal

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