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A conduct for others

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Q: What was the purpose of Confucius' five relationships?
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What was the purpose of Confucius's five relationships?

the purpose was for the people to respect their family (their older brothers and parents) :)

How should people act in basic relationships in Confucius?

people should act right according to what the five basic relationships say!

Main goal of 5 Confucius relationships?

To improve society. Remember, Confucius lived during a time of turmoil. He taught of five virtues that everyone should follow for personal betterment, and also set rules for the "five relationships" to ensure that society would run more smoothly.

Around what five basic relationships did Confucius believed society should be organized?

The five relationships are husband and wife, parent and child, elder and younger siblings, Ruler and Subject, and friend and friend.

What was the purpose of Confucious's five relationships?

duties and proper conduct

What is the Confucius five relationships definition?

Father to Son, Elder Brother to Junior Brother, Husband to Wife, Friend to friend, ruler to subject.

How should people act in the basic relationship confucius taught?

people should act right according to what the five basic relationships say!

The five relationships taught by Confucius encourage people to do?

Explore your being Massage your arenas Visualize your climax Count your chickens Marry the one with big gazoombas

What was the basic purpose of all these ethical system Confucius?

The basic purpose of Confucius' ethical system was to promote the cultivation of virtue and the development of moral character in individuals and society. It emphasized the importance of filial piety, loyalty, righteousness, and harmony in relationships as a means to achieve social harmony and moral excellence. Confucius believed that by adhering to these principles, individuals could contribute to the well-being and stability of society.

Who was a philosopher known for his emphasis on responsible relationships and respect for parents?


What is happiness for Confucius?

Confucius considered the pursuit of happiness a worthy caused and outlined categories, that if followed, promised to bring practitioners good personal relationships. They were to invest in intimate relationships, to embrace society and to be successful.

Who stressed the importance of moral behavior in the five basic relationships of ruler and subject parent and child husband and wife old and young and friend and friend?

It's obviously Confucius...