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you don't want ot know !

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Q: What was a girl guide introduction card?
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What is guide card?

The Guide introduction card no longer exists

What is the meaning of guide card in a library sense?

Guide card

What are the release dates for A Card of Introduction - 1911?

A Card of Introduction - 1911 was released on: USA: 12 April 1911

What actors and actresses appeared in A Card of Introduction - 1911?

The cast of A Card of Introduction - 1911 includes: Mary Fuller

What is special about the Girl Guide handshake?

The Girl Guide/Girl Scout handshake is made by shaking left hands. While shaking left hands, the Girl Guide/Girl Scout uses her right hand to make the Girl Guide/Girl Scout sign.

What is the Girl Guide Motto in Switzerland?

Girl Guide Motto - Be Prepared (English)

When was The Bad Girl's Guide created?

The Bad Girl's Guide was created in 2005.

Was Catherine Middleton a Girl Guide?

Yes she was.Catherine Middleton was a Brownie Girl Guide in Girl Guiding UK.

When did The Bad Girl's Guide end?

The Bad Girl's Guide ended on 2005-07-05.

When was Maldives Girl Guide Association created?

Maldives Girl Guide Association was created in 1962.

How do you play card games?

just read the introduction

What is the Feminine of Scout?

It is either Girl Scout or Girl Guide or Guide. The international organization is the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).