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Sam Houston's mother was Elizabeth Paxton Houston.

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Q: What was Sam Houston's mother's name?
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What where sam houstons slaves name?


What is sam Houstons full name?

the answer is Samuel Walker Houston

What is the name of sam houstons collage?

it is oxford or houseton

Who was sam houstons wife?

Tiana Rogers

Who was sam houstons mom and dad?

Elizabeth Paxton

What was sam houstons capital located?

Sam Houston's capital was located in the city of Houston, Texas.

Who did Sam Houstons forces capture?

The Mexican Dictator Santa Anna.

What are Sam Houstons Foreign Policy Goals?

Get texas independence from mexico

Sam Houstons contribution to Texas independence was his?

Victory at the Battle of San Jacinto.

What is sam and dean winchesters mothers name in the show supernatural?

Mary Winchester.

What was Sam Houstons role in the revolution?

This question is fairly easy to answer . . . Sam Houston was born about 14 years after the Revolutionary War. He had no part in the American revolution.

Who built the capital city of the Republic of Texas during Sam Houstons first presidency?

Lamar and huston