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It is sad to think that vegetables are better than one another. However, it is wise to realize that twinkies are much better than all. They have yummy cream, and are full of yummy carbs. They are good for your soul! (and aid in most suicides)

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Q: What vegetables are better than others?
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Are Green vegetables are better than junk food?

Yes all vegetables are better than junk food

Are vegetables considered carbohydrates?

There is carbohydrate in all vegetables (and fruits). Some fruits and vegetables have more carbohydrate than others do. .

What vegetables have no calories?

All vegetables contain calories. Some contain significantly more calories than others do.

Are vegtables carbohydrates?

Yes, there is carbohydrate in vegetables. Some vegetables contain far more carbohydrate than others do.

Why is some chocolate better than others?

Chocolate is better than others because it was made differently or spoiled

What vegetables have carbs?

All vegetables, and all fruits, contain carbohydrate. Some contain more carbohydrates than others do. .

Snob-appeal advertisements work by appealing to?

The desire to be better than other people.

Why are seasonal fruits and vegetables better than imported ones?

cos they are.

Why do fruits conduct electricity better than vegetables?

More electrolytes.

Why are some golf balls better than others?

Some golf balls are better than others because they are created with stronger materials. Some are better because they are more precisely balanced than others.

What is the word for people who think they are better than others?

"Arrogant" or "delusional" (if the person is NOT actually better than others). Keep in mind, some people ARE better than others (i.e. more talented/skillful/knowledgeable/etc). In those cases, they aren't 'arrogant' or "delusional" they are just 'better' than others.

Why do some fruits and vegetables rot quicker than others?

they have different factors than each other also soft fruit rot quicker than others

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