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Finnish women. That is all.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-09 00:30:34
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Q: What type of women do Italian men like?
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Why do a lot of women like Italian men?

Italian men? Im a man myself so I don't really know. But from what I've seen on Jeff Foxworthy, women like smart, sexy, intellegent men. And I'm guessing Italian men fit that catogory Italian men are handsome. the ancient Romans were good looking people and they were the 1st to bare Italian facial features that modern Italians have today. Italiam men actually like women, and that makes them irresistable.

Is it true that Italian men love American women?

Italian men love ALL WOMEN! LOL

Do Italian men like black women really?

It depends on the guy... I know alot of Italian men who like black women but mostly because they have big butts and that's what Italian's tend to like. But others like to have girlfriends of their ethnicity so, once again, depends on the guy.

Does Italian women like black guys?

SomeItalian women do like black guys other women do not.... i myself don't find anything wrong with liking black men or Italian women or any man or women!!

How do you say men and women in Italian?

men = uomini women = donne

Do men like shy women?

It depends because some men are interested in different type of women so some men do like shy women.

Why do Italian men get so old?

Whayt I mean is, on average, Italian men get older than Italian women.

What do scorpion women like in men?

that is not how they grade you and it is just if they like you that is a type

Do women like fit men better?

it depends on the type of woman and the type of guy

Do boys like boys and girls?

Some men like men, some men like women, some men like both men and women. Some women like men, some women like women, some women like both men and women. Different people love in different ways :)

Do Italian women like Irish men?

well thats really a matter of opinion but im sure some do

What type of people like watching soccer games?

spanish men and women

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