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Q: What type of relationship involves people who don't share same status?
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What is the relationship of grasshoppers to people?

You share 60% of the genes.

Why do people get in a relationship?

People get into a relationship birthday because they want to have someone by their side at all times and that you could share your feelings and or or emotions

Iguess your girlfriend does not want to share you?

To guess that his girlfriend does not want to share him is an accurate assumption when two people are in a loving relationship. Monogamy is important to a lot of people and is an essential part of a successful relationship.

What is the relationship between peers and casual friendships?

Peers are people of similar age who share similar interests. While a casual friendship is a relationship between peers who share something in common. :D

What is the relationship between two people who share one great grandmother?

2nd cousins

What is the meaning of cohabitation?

Cohabitation is when two people live together in a romantic or intimate relationship without being married. It is a form of domestic partnership where individuals share a living space and resources but do not have a legal marital status.

When should an hiv positive person share his or her status with friends and family?

Whenever the person is ready to tell people.

How do you send messages to your wall on facebook?

Select status on the share bar on the homepage (your news feed) and find the bar that says share. It has a list of things you can share - status, photo, link, or a video. Select status, then write the message you wish to post in the textbox that comes up, then hit the share button.

How can EQ2 players share their status on Facebook?

EQ2 players can share their status on Facebook by clicking on the EQII Share option on the EverQuest II website. Their achievements and tradeskill advances will be broadcast on Facebook.

Does arejay hale have a girlfriend?

Arejay Hale, the drummer of the rock band Halestorm, is a private individual and does not often publicly share details about his personal life, including his relationship status.

What is a platonic friendship?

This means there is no sex in this relationship.Platonic friendship is strictly just friends and never involves anything like making out.

What is the relationship of 2 people who share the same aunt one by marriage?

There is no relationship, since genealogy is the study of blood relationships, but you could call them cousins-in-law.