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I'd say a mutual relationship. The remora gets fed, transportation, and protection, while the shark gets parasites and other types of filth cleaned off of it. They both benefit in some way. Some could argue commensalism because the shark really doesn't benefit in a great way but I've seen many documentaries where sharks and other predatory animals allow small critters to clean them, even clean inside their mouth's. So they obviously care for hygiene which in fact benefits themselves.

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Q: What type of relationship does a shark and remora have?
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Does a shark beneifit form the relationship with a remora?

Yes, a shark benefits from its relationship with a remora because the remora helps to keep the shark clean by eating parasites off its skin and providing a form of symbiotic cleaning. Additionally, the remora gains protection and access to potential food scraps from the shark's leftovers.

What organism has a symbiotic relationship with a remora?

A Shark

How do the remora suck onto the shark and breathe?

The remora sucks on to the shark using a pad on its back like a suction cup. It can breathe because as the shark swims through the water it pushes the water through the remora's gills. Which lets it absorb the oxygen out of the water to breathe.

What is the relationship between remora and sharks?

Mutalistic Relationship, both are benefiting. The shark is getting cleaned and groomed while the remora is getting fed and transported. Remoras have suction pads that can stick onto the shark. The Remora gets transported by the shark without the shark attacking.

Which of the following sets of organisms are in a commensalistic relationship?

Shark, remora

What are shark and remora?

Sharks do not tend to mind these parasites sticking to them all the time, remoras just stick to sharks to either get around or to eat the dirt off them. Remoras are streamlined so that it will not affect the shark's swimming.

Advantages and disadvantages the shark and remora has?

Shark: Advantages include being apex predators with sharp teeth and strong jaws for hunting. Disadvantages include vulnerability to overfishing and habitat destruction. Remora: Advantages include the ability to hitch a ride on larger animals for transportation and protection. Disadvantages include dependency on a host for food and mobility, which can limit independence.

How do the remora and whale sharks help each other?

the shark provides the remora with protection from predators and a food sorce ( i only know this because im a fish maniac)

What is the difference between the shark and the remora?

REMORA IS SMALL AND IS NOT REALLY HARM full then shark but shark doesnt and never eats remora . and remora never eats shark ( this is th e answer i am a diver that's why i think it is correct

What is remora?

A remora is a type of fish that has a special sucker on the top of it's body. It frequently attaches itself to large fish like sharks, and will feed on the scraps left over when the shark feeds. The remora does not harm the shark in any way, and the sharks do not feed on the remora.

What is the symbiotic relationship between the shark and the remora?

Remoras attach themselves to the shark and eat the leftover food remains that they can find. This would fall into the commensalism symbiotic relationship, because the remora is getting its food, and the shark gets no benefit. There are other studies that suggest that the remoras clean parasites from the shark's teeth and perhaps skin. If this is true then it is a mutualism relationship. Remoras eat the parasites off the underside of the shark to keep it healthy and alive. Plus the Remoras get a free meal and protection. A mutualistic symbiotic relationship. the pilot fish clean the shark's teeth and skin, and the shark protects them The remora fish attach to the shark's belly and eat the malignant parasites off it. Also remoras can stick to other organisms such as whales, other big fish and maybe also crocodiles. This would still fall into the category of commensalism.

What is the relationship between remora fish and sharks?

Remora fish have a symbiotic relationship with sharks, where they attach themselves to the shark's body using a modified dorsal fin for transportation. The remoras benefit by gaining protection, food scraps, and transportation, while the shark is neither harmed nor hindered significantly by the remora's presence.