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The Pegylated interferon treats chronic hepatitis. Pegylated interferon, usually called peginterferon, is chemically modified from the standard interferon that treats hepatitis C and B.

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Q: What type of medication is pegylated interferon?
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What is a pegylated treatment?

It is treatment in which a Poly-Ethylene Glycol polymer is attached to another molecule, such as interferon, for the treatment of hepatitis (for instance). The term, pegylated, is derived from the acronym P-E-G, from the chemical, polyethylene glycol. Pegylation can sometimes render a treatment more effective, such as is the case with pegylated interferon treatment (versus standard interferon treatment).

Do fibroblast cells produce interferon-gamma?

Fibroblast cells do produce interferon-gamma. IFNy is a member interferon type II class. Earlier on, IFNy was called as the immune interferon.

How many amino acids in interferon?

Interferon is a type of protein that is made up of a chain of amino acids. The exact number of amino acids in interferon can vary depending on the specific type or subtype of interferon. However, on average, a typical interferon protein is composed of approximately 166 to 1669 amino acids.

What is Gamma interferon?

Gamma interferon (or type II interferon) is manufactured T-cells. Production occurs when the T-cells are activated such as during an infection.

How many type of interferon?

there is three types of interferons.

What has the author Toine Pieters written?

Toine Pieters has written: 'Interferon' -- subject- s -: History, Interferon, Interferon industry

What medicines cure appetities b?

Acute HEPATITIS B doesn't usually require medicinal treatment because most adult bodies clear the infection by themselves.Less than 1% of patients require medicinal treatment, and those patients are either immunocompromised or the infection has taken a very aggressive course.Currently there are 7 drugs listed for the treatment of Hepatitis B in the USA. These are:Epivir (lamivudine)Hepsera (adefovir)Viread (tenofovir)Tyzeka (telbivudine)Baraclude (entecavir)Pegasys (PEGylated interferon alpha-2A)Interferon alpha-2A

What therapy is used to treat multiple sclerosis hepatitis c and some cancers?

Synthetic interferonsynthetic interferon

Is interferon a chemical?

Yes, The interferon group is a group consistiong complex hormone like protiens, Interferon is a chemical like all protiens.

What is interferon alpha 2a?

Interferon alpha 2a is an agent that stimulates the immune system.

What are the serious ocular complications of the treatment of interferon for Hepatitis C?

ocular complications of the treatment of interferon

What does an Interferon virus do?

An Interferon virus is released by host cells as a response to pathogens which includes viruses and parasites. When something becomes infected then an Interferon is sent out as a warning of the virus to stop the transcription.