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He's bitten and stabbed

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Q: What type of injury does Mr Mason sustain?
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What kind of injury did Mr Mason suffer?

A bite.A+ answers

Who plays Mr Mason in Twilight?

Mr Mason in twilight movie is Mr. molina played by Jose Zuniga.

What has the author Paul Mason Howard written?

Paul Mason Howard has written: 'The adventures of Mr. Gilfump'

Whose communication prevents Rochester and Jane's wedding?

Mr. Mason's communication prevents Rochester and Jane's wedding when he reveals the existence of Bertha Mason, Rochester's wife, thus making him unable to marry Jane.

What is Bella's 1st hour teacher's name?

Mr. Mason

Who attacked mr mason in Jane Eyre?

The attacker was Grace Poole, a woman employed as a servant in Thornfield Hall. However, it is later revealed that Grace Poole was hired by Edward Rochester to conceal the existence of his wife, Bertha Mason, who was the actual culprit behind the attack on Mr. Mason.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Beauty Doctor - 1917?

The cast of The Beauty Doctor - 1917 includes: Sylvia Ashton as Mrs. Mason Wadsworth Harris as Prince Elsie Maison as Miss Rox Billy Mason as Mr. Mason William Musgrave as Mr. Hope

Who was smoking the cigar in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Mason was smoking a cigar in Jane Eyre.

How does Mr Rochester react to the news of mason's arrival?

Mr. Rochester appears surprised and guarded upon hearing of Mason's arrival. He tries to maintain his composure and does not reveal his true feelings about seeing him again. His reaction hints at a complex and possibly strained relationship between him and Mason.

Who are Mr and Mrs Mason in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Mr & Mrs Mason were a couple who the Dursley's had over for a dinner party. Mr Mason owned a building company and Vernon Dursely was hoping to get a large order of drills from him. Dobby dropped dessert on Mrs Mason's head (and made it look like Harry had done it) but the Dursley's managed to explain the situation by claiming strangers upset Harry. However, when an owl from the Ministry of Magic arrived, Mrs Mason left the house screaming due to her phobia of birds - and the deal was ruined.

What is the mystery in Jane Eyre?

Perhaps the biggest and most important secret in Jane Eyre is that Mr. Rochester has a lunatic wife named Bertha Mason. This secret serves as the solution to many of the mysteries in Jane Eyre: Mr. Rochester's bed catching on fire, Mason being wounded, and the maniacal laughter that Jane hears throughout the novel. Bertha Mason is the secret that explains why Mr. Rochester does not call for help when his bed is lit on fire and why he attempts to conceal Mason's injury to the rest of his visitors. This secret also explains the behavior of Grace Poole. When Jane Eyre hears the strange laughter, she thinks it is Grace Poole, when really it is Bertha Mason. Grace Poole is hardly seen around the house because she is in charge of taking care of the lunatic Bertha Mason. But, perhaps, the most important thing that this secret does is obstruct the first attempt of marriage between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. When Jane and Mr. Rochester are at the altar, Mason walks in and publicly announces the existence of this Mrs. Rochester (Bertha Mason). When this secret becomes known, nothing can be done but for Jane to leave Mr. Rochester in order that he live properly with his wife and not with a "mistress" (according to the standards of Victorian society).

What has the author Jeremiah Mason written?

Jeremiah Mason has written: 'Mr. Mason of N.H. submitted the following motion for consideration' -- subject(s): Buildings, Customs administration, Demobilization, Public buildings, United States, United States. Army 'Memoirs of Jeremiah Mason' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Lawyers, Biography 'Mr. Mason of N.H. submitted the following motions for consideration' -- subject(s): Legal tender, Banks and banking 'Memoir, autobiography and correspondence of Jeremiah Mason; ... with an introduction by Oliver H. Dean'