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a doctorate of animal psychology

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Q: What type of degree do is need to be a health inspctor over restaurants?
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What type of degree is needed to get a health occupation?

The type of health occupation one wants dictates the type of health degree needed. For example, those going into dental health need a degree pertaining to dental medicine. Other degrees include health promotions, biology, and more.

What is the easiest way to get my health informatics degrees?

You can recieve a health informatics degree by going online at You will need a bachelor's degree in science medicine to become a specialized health designer.

What education is needed to be a Epidemiologists?

You need a master's degree in Public Health, but most epidemiologists also have their medical degree.

What degree do you need to teach health at the college level?

Typically, no less than a masters degree with a PhD preferred.

How does one become a health practitioner?

If you are interested in becoming a health practitioner, there is many qualities you will need. In most countries you will need a University degree specializing in that field.

Masters in public health what do you need to become a pharmacy?

does a master degree in public health help you to graduate sooner as a pharmacy major'.

What kind of degree does medical assistant need?

a deree in hair and beauty or health and social care

How do you become an epidemiologist?

you need a master's degree in epidemiology, public health, or other related specialty

What qualifications do you need to work in mental health inpatient unit for teenagers?

At the very least, you would need a degree as a social worker to work with teenagers in an in-patient mental mental health unit. You might also want to pusue a degree in psychiatric nursing.

What college degree do I need to get a animal health job?

A veterinarian degree specializes in animal health. Only 28 schools in the United States offer the degree programs necessary to pass certification. Check out the American Vererinary Medical Association for more information.

Can I become a mental health counselor with only an associate's degree?

of course you can become a mental health counselor with a psychology degree. they're psychiatrist offices and mental health offices, that need people like you to help with their workload everday. tiu would be a great asset for them. good luckyou are qualified to be a counselor.

What qualifications do you need for environmental management?

To be a health and safety manager you need to have an understanding of at least one of the technical areas of health and safety (preferably more than one) and you need to have demonstrated an ability to manage people, technical programs, and budgets. Many companies require a Master's degree, or even a Doctorate, in a field related to health and safety.