What type of chocolate do girls like the most?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Different people, not only girls, like different things, including different chocolate.

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Q: What type of chocolate do girls like the most?
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Who here likes chocolate?

I like most chocolates.

What type of chocolate do you like?

white chocolate

What type of picture the girls like most?

A cute pic, like an animal or couple.

What type of a butt do girls like to see on men?

It all depends on personal preference, but most girls like a firm but with a bit of shape on a guy.

Why do girls like chocolates?

I think that girls like more chocolate than boys because women generally enjoy more sweets than men.

What is your favorite cake type?


What color is your cookie?

a color of a cookie is brown and it depends on the type but most are brown like the chocolate chip cookie

What type of chocolate is liked the most?

i only know for women but it is extra dark chocolate

How many chocolate types are in Missouri?

Missouri will have most any type of chocolate there in stores.

What type of a guy do girls like?

There is no single type. Different girls like different personality traits.

The most common type of cookie?

Chocolate chip.

Do girls like receiving chocolates from guys?

As a girl myself, I think it is very flattering to receive a gift of any type. Most people like chocolates, so it is also a very 'safe' gift. However, some girls find chocolate to be too standard of a gift, so for a special occasional, you may want to try something more creative.