What turns a guys on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Many things turn a guy on. Dirty talk, naked pictures, kissing, nibbling on the earlobe, kissing on the neck, biting, scratching, being aggressive, or being extra gentle. Depends on what type of guy he is. Sometimes just laying in bed with you and giving him a tiny kiss may turn him on. find out his personality, and it'll be soo much easier ;)

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It varies depending on the guy. All guys are different and like different things. But what I've learned is guys like it when you nibble/whisper in the ear, bite their lip, clutch on to their back during intercourse, this may sound ridiculous, but even wink, lick their lower stomach, and even lead them on.

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What a guy likes is based on the guy and his perspective. It is best when someone is themselves and they will attract the right person.

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Q: What turns a guys on?
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What does it mean when a guy turns around when your flirting with someone else and then turns and stares at your ass?

guys are weird like that,

What turns on high school guys the most?

high school girls!

Is it hard to grind on a guy?

not at all, its easy and trust me it turns guys on.

What turns gabby on?

Gabby's like guys with a epic personality, a nice smile, and a guy that is funny THAT IS WHAT TURNS GABBY'S IN TFHE WORLD ON!!

What turns girls off the most?

When guys take it way too far when they flirt

Why do guys lick pussys?

To please the girl/woman, it turns them on, is may taste good.

Do guys like when girls queef during sex?

Yes. It turns them on. It turns my man on. Makes for a stronger orgasm. And you can just laugh about it! Just enjoy it (:

What is it about women that turns guys on?

Women are sexy, they can be funny, they are sexy, and well they have organs that guys really find erotic, and women are sexy, if i didn't mention it.

Do guys loose interest in girls after sleeping with them?

sometimes but a lot of the time it just turns them on more

Do women like watching guys make out with each other?

Im a girl, && I love watching guys make out. Mostly if they are hot emos(: It turns me on. I get sooooo horny. You go girl.

How do you turn on a shyprude boy?

Making out turns most guys on. But your question needs more details: is he your boyfriend? Are you dating?

What turns guys on and they love when they see it?

a girl that is outgoin...and a girl that looks like she always has funn and is always happy