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I use dish soap (Dawn or Palmolive) with a stiff bristled nail brush if I have to remove heavy amounts of oil and grease. ZEP Cherry Bomb is a good product for this sort of thing, as well.

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Q: What to use to get oil and grease off your entire body?
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How do you get a stuck trumpet slider off?

you can try to oil it with slide grease or take it to instrument store.

How do you remove build up of oil and grease from machinery?

Get a Hotsy, steam it off with light pressure

Why do engines use oil and grease?

oil and grease is used in vehicles to reduce friction.

What are soaps?

well soaps are somthing we use to take dirt and Greece off of things reallyAnswer : Are you serious .. ??You don't know what soap is !? -- You use soap to wash .. well your entire body, you can use it for anything really. your face, your hands, your arms, :P dishes, the dog.Soap is amazing. you can do ANYTHING with it.

How is grease good for you?

Oils are needed by the body to operate effectively. All credible diets should inclue some amount of oil, preferably olive oil.

How should you grease your truck?

With a grease gun, every oil change.

What is grease composed of?

grease composed of base oil ,thickener,additive

What might cause a Ford Windstar to leak oil?

Oil can leak from any number of bad gaskets or loose bolts. Clean the engine at a car wash, getting as much grease off as possible. Watch closely for a few days over the entire engine, even under it, to try to find the leak.

Should a new gun be cleaned?

Absolutely! Get that factory grease off and a good light gun oil on. Happy Shooting!

What is the composition of grease?

Grease is basically an oil combined with a thickener. The oil lubricates, while the thickener makes the oil "stick" to the parts needing lubrication.

How do you clean old grease off of wood cabinets?

Use a degreaser detergent and then use furniture oil on the cabinets. Alternatively, Murphy's Oil Soap does a fine job.

What is is a grease?

Grease is an oil. The title refers to the kids who were called "Greasers" because of the large amount of oil they put in their hair.