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you can talk about hobbies, ask question about her and her family (to sure you interested in her) you can talk about food tv or movies, basically anything can be a conversation!

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well about how much you love her or you can talk to her about how you feel about her

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Q: What to talk about with girlfriend when you are bored?
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What do you do if he texts you first but he has a girlfriend and youreally like him?

It doesn't mean they like you maybe they are bored and just wants to talk to you

Getting bored with your girlfriend?

Well if you are getting bored with your girlfriend then maybe you and her should make a list of things about each other that makes the other bored.

What can you talk about when you and your friend get bored?

Perhaps you could work on a project together or get involved in an activity or volunteer somewhere together. Look for things to do together that will bring you and your boyfriend closer while giving you something new and different to work toward and talk about.

What questions can you ask your boyfriend when he is bored?

these are some questions you can ask your boyfriend when he is bored: you possessive and controle your girlfriend? you tell your girlfriend tell you who you can and cannot hang out with? you love your girlfriend? 4.does your girlfriend want to know where you are 24 hours a day? 5.does your girlfriend like your family and friends? 6.does your girlfriend tell you what clothes to wear to school or work? your friends think that we make a good cuple? your girlfriend physically abusive toward you?

What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

Fed up with continual dull talk?


What to talk with girlfriend?


How can you talk to roc royal personally?

all you have to do is talk to his girlfriend leondra then you can talk to him

What to talk to girlfriend if you are in bording school?

talk about how she fills. they love that!

How do you know if your ready to have a girlfriend?

Do you want to have a girlfriend? You can always talk to your dad.

What can do to not be bored in the marriage?

You need to sit and talk about your spouse about avoiding boredom.

How i get my girlfriend to talk dirty to me?

Ask her to.