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First, put yourself in their shoes. Rejection hurts no matter how nicely it's dished up. Find a way to say you care. For example, you could say something like "I really love spending time with you, but I feel you're moving a little too fast for me".

I would touch their hand look at them in the eyes and say "Look you are an awesome friend and i really like you but I'm just not ready to love you i don't feel the same way I'm sorry i do still really want to be your friend and maybe someday we can be together."

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Tell them the truth

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Q: What to say when someone tells you they love you but you don't feel the same way?
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How you know if you are in love?

love can be expressed in many ways you get butterflies when you see that person and feel safe and day dream about her/him but dont always rely on how you feel but what your heart tells you

If your boyfriend says i love you what do you do?

if you feel unkown about how you feel about him you know that means you love him If he tells you he loves you and really mean it and you really love him you should let him know how you feel and tell him you love him to.

What to say when someone says they love you but you dont love them back?

Just tell them you are sorry but you do not feel that way about them.

What do you do if someone says that they love you?

if you feel the same way "i love you too" :P and if you dont just smile at them and say "i know"

Have you ever feel in love with someone?

Yes i have feel in love with someone!!!

If some one has a tingle feeling bout someone then 2 months later i comes out burn through there heart and veins and falls in love and dont know why and say i fell in love what is or crush?

i would say that is definatley love you really feel something for that person and sometimes its hard to understand but if you really love someone dont hold back what you feel

What do you do if a boy tells you hes loves you but you dont love him and want to dump him?

Be honest, but gentle. Tell him you're sorry, but you don't feel the same.

You love someone but you dont know she loves you or not and you scared to tell her?

You should be open with that person about how you feel. You never know how they feel about you until you ask.

How do you know someone was in love with you?

when he/she tells you that he/she was.

What do you do if you still have feelings for your ex but your scared he doesnt feel the same?

Just give your love even ur not sure if he feel the same cuz if u love someone u dont have to be scared...

What does you can come if you want to mean?

It sure does not make me feel welcome. It says 'I don't object if you show up, but its not something I want" When someone tells me that, I DONT want to come. "we'd love to have you' "it would be nice if you cn come' - that's my idea of an invitation.

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

if you love him say i love you 2, but if you dont love him say that your not ready for that..