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Graciously thank them and tell them they are absolutely beautiful.

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Q: What to say when someone gives you a rose?
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What do you do if a boy gives you a rose?

Say thank you

What does it mean if someone gives you a Cherokee Rose?

If someone gives you a Cherokee Rose it first symbolized the love (not necessarily romantic) the giver has for the receiver and how the giver wants to offer hope during a trying time in the receiver's life.

What is the symbol of pink rose in love?

If someone gives you a red rose, it means they love you, but if they give you a pink or white rose, it usually means they want to be just friends.

What flower can tell you if someone else loves you?

When a man/woman gives you a ROSE that means they love you

What does a pink rose?

A regular pink rose represents happiness. If someone gives you this it means "I am very happy with our relationship". A dark pink rose means thank you. If someone does something nice for you it is a good way of saying "thank you". A light pink rose means sympathy. When someone has a loss it is a nice way of expressing your condolences.

What to do when someone gives you an expensive present?

Say "thank you"!

When someone gives you their heart what do you do?

eat it

What does one red rose represent?

Roses often are used as symbols of love. A bleeding rose, and the blood from a rose may symbolize a broken heart or a lost love.

Where in the old testament does it say someone is dead after 3 days?

nowhere does it say Jesus Christ is dead AFTER three days, but it does say he rose from the dead on the 3rd day

What does it mean when you give someone a white rose?

Giving someone a white rose means you believe someone is heavenly.

What gives directions?

compass rose

What should you do if someone gives you a gift on Valentine's Day and you don't like him?

say thank you and be happy that someone likes you and that you have a gift but then confront them and say sorry i'm not into you nicely