What to say to build confidence in my boyfriend?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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You shouldn't have to think about what you sya to your boyfriend :) It should come naturally! If it doesn't, maybe this person isn't right for you. However, it is okay if you are nervous around them :)Type your answer here...

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Well,tell him that he is an absolutely wonderful man and that you appreciate how strong he is and how he takes good care of you. Just praise his strength and if he's doing something manly like cutting down a tree or building a house say something like "Wow! you are so strong! I could never do a thing like that...I'm glad I have such a strong handsome man to take care of things..and me." (smile sweetly)

That's not nearly all the ways that you can build confidence but just remember men like to be praised by the woman they love and they like it when you notice their strength or the efficient way they do things.

TIP: If you want this to work especially well make sure you've just freshened up...put some ribbons in your hair and put on a feminine dress...and go out to him and tell him how much you appreciate him.

Behind every good man is a good woman. Men need a woman that is going to stand by him and tell him how good he is...this will give him confidence. Then he can go out and face the world because he knows when he comes home his pretty wife will be there to stand beside him.

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Q: What to say to build confidence in my boyfriend?
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