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The most important thing you need to tell her is how important she is to you and everyone else. Tell every good thing about her that you can come with. If her boyfriend is becoming a problem, the best thing for her would to probably break up with him. No one should ever feel unimportant in a relationship. Especially a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Before she breaks up with him, tell her to talk it out with him. It'll make things a whole lot worse if she breaks up with him without discussing it first. If he continues to belittle her, it's definitely time to end that relationship. Reassure your friend that you're always there for her. If she breaks up with her boyfriend, she's going to need a lot of support from you to help her through this difficult time. Good Luck!

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Q: What to say to a friend if her boyfriend is belittling her?
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Why does a man allow his friend to belittle his girl while they are arguing?

I am not sure if he's arguing with his friend and his friend is belittling you, or your boyfriend's friend is arguing with you and he's putting you down and your boyfriend isn't coming to your defence. If your boyfriend is arguing with his friend and that friend calls you names, then your boyfriend simply doesn't respect you or he hasn't got the guts to back you. He should be steaming mad if he loved you like he should. On the other hand, if you are arguing with your boyfriend's friend then you are on your own kid! Perhaps your boyfriend thinks you are in the wrong, or perhaps he is sick of his friend and you and letting you two hash things out. If the first is true, I'd kick this guy to the curb. Marcy

What to say to a friend that doesn't believe her boyfriend is cheating on her?

as a friend I'm telling you this as i care for you, but sorry to say your boyfriend is being unfaithful to you and unfortunately he is cheating.

What if your boyfriend won't say he loves you?

It depends no what your definition of 'bf' is. 'Bf' could be best friend or boyfriend. If it is your best friend, then its because he doesn't really love you. If its your boyfriend, then he's not really your boyfriend, is he? If your boyfriend doesn't say he loves you or even admits to it, he's not really your boyfriend.

How do you tell your friend you like her when she has a boyfriend?

say "i like you"

How do you tell your friend you have a boyfriend?

simple, just say, 'Hey guys, i need to tll you something, i have a boyfriend!' If not just tell your closest friend!

How do you say boy friend in German?

"Freund" can be a friend but also a boyfriend. usually most germans know that if you say "Er ist mein Freund" it means he is your boyfriend otherwise you can say "Er is mein fester Freund" this also means "he´s my boyfriend"

How do you ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

say be my boy friend

What does boy friend mean?

well it could mean to things . 1. some people say boyfriend as if they are dating. AND 2. Other people say boyfriend as a boy that is just a friend.

What do I say to a friend who's boyfriend just died?

kill your Friend and kiss the rubish bin

How can you tell your boyfriend likes your best friend?

If your boyfriend likes your best friend he is always around her, and only is around you when your with her/him. If he asks "Is Alice there?" And you say no and he doesn't come.. Or if you say yes and he does.. Then, you know he likes her.

What do you say to your brother when he likes your friend but she has a boyfriend?

you say "sorry pal she's taken already"

What to do when your friend likes you and you have a boyfriend but you don't want either of them to get mad?

You didn't say whether your friend was male or female. Either way, a friend is a friend and if you have a mature boyfriend then they would understand. Never give up your close friends over one boyfriend simply because he may get mad. Introduce this friend to your boyfriend and try to give some time to your friend, but the majority of your time to your boyfriend. If your boyfriend does not like it then it's a sign of immaturity and jealousy.