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thank her 4 d compliment and smile :) ;)

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Q: What to say if a girl says that you look like an actor?
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What does it mean if a girl suddenly says oh my God you look like Johnny Depp I am going to die?

I am sure you are very aware of what this means. Johnny Depp the actor is an idol among some young women and this girl is telling you that you look so much like him that she is so excited she feels like she is going to die from that excitement. It's a compliment!

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itz a polite way of telling you that you look cute

What does a mean when he says you look like a type of girl that get a guy in trouble?

it means that you look kind of easy and you might get pregnant or that you look like you would get him in trouble with his friends, his family, or the law

Why does a boy lie about liking a girl says he loves two different girls who don't like him only as a friend but he says he don't like them anymore now he does like the girl that he didn't like?

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Thats a girl

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I'm a girl so I know what girls think! But you should just ask her if she really does like you! If she says, "NO!" seriously, then she DOESN'T like you. If she says, " W...What! How could I ever possibly like you? NO WAY!" and she doesn't look that serious, then she DOES like you!

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