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SKip out the back Jackie....make a new Plan, Pam...drop off the key, Becky...and get yourself free....

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if its your fault start by saying you was wrong and blah blah blah... but if its his fault and he hasnt text you in a few days.. hes not worth it..

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Q: What to say after a fight with your boyfriend?
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What to do after a fight with your boyfriend initiated by him?

Do nothing and wait for him to get in touch to say sorry.

What do you say when you and your boyfriend get into a fight?

bring up why your having the fight in the first place. then bring up something different like school then say you have got to go

How do you stop guys from fight your boyfriend?

by telling the guy that's going to fight your boyfriend that its not worth the fight.

How do you not get involved in a fight between your boyfriend and his ex?

you have a boyfriend?

What does it mean when you and your boyfriend fight almost everyday about another guy?

when you and your boyfriend fight about another guy that is either insecurity or jealousy

How do you get your boyfriend to talk to you from being mad at you for two weeks?

say your soz and dat u dnt wanna fight any more

My boyfriend's mad because i walked away from him, what should i say when he calls?

it depends if you guys were in a fight or something, just say I'm sorry hun won't do it ever again

Ok so I have a boyfriend who likes to fight a lot and a lot of these guys NOW decide to tell me that they like me I really don't want my boyfriend or boy FRIENDS fighting what do I do?

do you love your boyfriend? and if so tell your boy friends that you love them as a friend and and if the like you then they well not fight over you because they might try to say there in-till it's over with you and your boyfriend well it might work because it worked for me when i was in 5th

Did cheryl write fight for this love for her boyfriend?


What to do he urbin a fight with your boyfriend?

cry hysterically

When you have a fight your boyfriend he doesn?

well if u have a fight with ur boyfriend i say leave him alone for a while then later tell him are u still mad at me? If he says no then ur all set.but if he says yes well then u tell him how can i make it up to u that I'm x trimly sorry!!!!

How do you get over a fight with a boyfriend?

Technically it all depends on what the fight was about. If it was something really serious i would say to just try and work iot out as soon as poss. Because it will end up causing problems in your relationship.