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You need to give her a little space. Just because she is your girlfriend doesn't mean she wants to live and breathe you every minute of every day. She needs friends and other interests too.

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Q: What to do when your girlfriend says you are getting on her nerves?
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My Friend Says That I'm Getting On her Nerves and she was mean to me for no reason and I was with my other friend?

Maye your friend said you were getting on her nerves and she was mean to you because she is jealous of your other friend.

What if your girlfriend wants to be with you and only you 24 7?

Just Go along with her and if she is really getting on your nerves..DUMP HER

How do you get a girlfriend fast if your nerves?

You spelled nervous wrong dude and you put nerves! 😂🤣

What is the sentence for the gets on my nerves?

If something gets on someone's nerves, it annoys or bothers them. Here are some sentences.You're really getting on my nerves by popping your knuckles like that!That buzzing noise is getting on my nerves.This itchy rash is getting on my nerves.You need to try not to get on my nerves today, because I feel bad.

What do you do if you like a boy and you aren't sure he likes you because he says he has a girlfriend?

well,first hang around him more often.then start getting closer and getting to know him better. Ask his friends questions about him. If he starts being ice to you then follow along and be nice to him. this is happening to me at school. Ilike this boy but he says he has a girlfriend. I think he is lieing to get me jealous.

What is a sentence with the word nerves?

You're getting on my nerves.I don't think her nerves can handle it.Her nerves aren't as strong as ours.

What if your on my nerves?

You mean "you're" (= "you are"), not "your", which is "your" as in "your book."And we don't usually say, "You're on my nerves." We say, "You're getting on my nerves."So your question should be, "What if you're getting on my nerves?"The answer to that question is already on WikiAnswers. Go to and check "idioms."

Why does my girlfriend shiver when i kiss her on the neck?

Along the neck of a female there is a massive amount of nerves. Therefore by kissing her you are stimulating the nerves. Her reaction would be to shiver.

When a guy says his girlfriend is his girl is that sexist?

no, it just means your his girlfriend.

What does getting into your nerves means?

"Getting on your nerves" means something is annoying or frustrating you. It can refer to a situation, person, or thing that is bothering you and causing you irritation.

What if a girl says she doesnt like your girlfriend?

Well it does not maTTER WHAT THE GIRL SAYS. That's your girlfriend and you should stick up for her.

What does you are getting into her mean?

It could mean that you are getting on her nerves or maybe you are getting laid. Its all about how the question is phrased.