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I would go to her house and comfort her

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Q: What to do when your girlfriend says she is lonely all the time and she feels like you dont want to be with her even when you do and you dont think you give any indications of this?
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What does it mean if a girl says i miss you after a month of not hearing from her?

She feels lonely, and think she will be happy with you.

Your girlfriend say you control her but you think this is a way of controlling you?

obviously she feels like your controlling for a reason, try talking about it.

Pregnant girlfriend and now in love with ex think she feels the same but is not easy to get her to admit it what to do?

maybe its hard for her to admit it because its not true....and as to what u should do, do whatever feels right to you

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I think that you should txt her it and if she doesnt answer then go to her in person because she already knows and see how she feels.

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