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Here is an answer that I posted a week ago: It was many hundred of years ago, in the Middle Ages, starting around the 12th century that minstrels and troubadours first crooned about "true love." Certainly we must be aware that this notion of "true love" is being propagated by Hollywood and the media. "To find love across a (crowded) room (see first response) and meet the eyes of her or him", is but a fairy tale out of Richard Rodger's "South Pacific."

Let me assure you that there is no such thing as "true love." When we are intimate with another human being, whether we or they like it or not, we set conditions. Having been a marriage counselor for the last forty years, I find the notion of "true love" totally false but also, by those who believe in it, a detriment to any successful relationship. For reality is much more obstinate and trying. It does not allow a couple to luxuriate in the dreamworld of "true love."

Yes, "caring for each other", enjoying the mutuality of a healthy relationship, that will create familiarity and affinity, that will meld two lives together, should create the primary bond . Intimacy, the sharing of something of a private nature with another human being, that gives us a sense of belonging, will make us feel more secure with another human being. We must also develop a congruence of perception, of lifestyles, that allows us to see the world with similar eyes. But more than anything, our willingness to compromise, to make adjustment to conflicting interests and needs, is a "must quality" that all of us need to succeed in a relationship.

These are the qualities that matter. "Love is a many-splendored thing" is no more than a many-splendored illusion. Read more about Love and Relationships in Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters or visit the website listed on the Bio Page.

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Q: What to do when you love someone but you are not IN LOVE with them?
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Do you need to love someone to be in love?

YES, but you don't need to be in love to love someone!

You love a girl but she can't love you?

why cant she love you she have moved on Answer You either love someone or you don't. I don't know why someone can't love someone else. Do you mean she doesn't love you? No one can stop someone else from feeling love if that is what they feel so saying someone can't love you does not make sense to me.

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To love someone is a joyful thing. But don't go crazy with love.

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No you can full in love

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when you love someone, this is the sense of love

When you say someone is in love with being in love what does it mean?

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

What is the difference when you love someone or being in love?

* To love someone (this can include family members and friends) is a love of respect for one or more people, but being in love is when you love someone of the opposite sex with all your heart.

What do you do when your guy tells you they are not in-love with you any more how do you get them back?

If he is not in love with you, then he is not in love with you. You can not force someone to love you, you just have to move on and find someone out there that is in love with you. There is that special someone out there just waiting for you to find them.

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Yes, being in love is different from loving someone. being in love is when you only love that person & loving someone is when you love them but not that much. you still have dough's.

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You can't make someone love you. All of us have loved someone that didn't love us and we just have to move on.

What does it mean to love someone and be in love with someone?

it means that you have feelings for that person and that you want to share your life with them. What i means to be in love with someone is that u love that person and that you have feelings for him/her.

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