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I would say that you should continue living your life. Ben is my name. Try and tell them because they may not know how important you are to them, and maybe you are important to them. Tell someon close to them who is close to you and get advice from them.

Thanx Ben, it's my girlfriend who I think I am much less important to her than she is to me, this made me think she doesn't love me so I misbehaved. We didn't even get the honeymoon phase (for more than 3 weeks) :( I am private person and don't like crowds and I either have deep relationship with friends or almost none at all. So girfriend (this and all other) plays BIG part in my life, on the other hand this girlfriend does many things so when she is say 50% of everything to me, I am maybe 10% to her. This brought stress and insecurity to relationship. We went out for 3 years at which time she tried to fix us (me), then she moved away and she's been away for 2 years. I found out recently that she had a relationship with someone else, but she never told me this in any way (when I asked she denied it, until I read some messagess). I want to work on relationship because I know we can be happy, but what worries me is that what drove us apart will stop us from being happy. I must also say that I want her to be happy with or without me.
Cheers, Dorijan
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Q: What to do when you are not important to someone who is important to you?
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