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Cry about it and get over it because it happens to women all the time.

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Q: What to do when Men get hurt for a relationship?
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Why are men mainly the unsure ones about a the relationship?

Because their sensitive and dont wana get hurt.

Do men hurt most in break up?

It all depends on how they might have felt about the person they are breaking up with. If they really loved being in a relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend, they will hurt more than if they truly didn't care about the relationship.

Why do Lesbians punish all men when it comes to a relationship when most men care about women and don't like women being hurt WHY?

That's the person, not the sexual orientation. More men than lesbians hurt women so one can ask Why do men hurt lesbians by hurting women etc. Each person is responsible for their own relationship whether it's a man or woman doing the hurting or getting hurt. lesbians don't care what men think just like when a straight man beat his wife, he would care less what a lesbian thinks.

Is a man or women more forgiving?

I would have to say it's almost equal. Many men are willing to forgive and try again in a relationship. Some women think they have the corner on hurt feelings and that men are out for one thing and basically don't get hurt during the process in a relationship. Not true! Women can be just as calculating as men and just as disloyal. It's up for grabs who beats who on this subject.

Why do men prefer masrubating over sex?

some men have had numerous bad relationship and are emotionally scared from being hurt over and over, and or they don't want to wait for the female to get in the mood.

Can men hurt women?

Not legally. Which is just as much as women can hurt men.

What do you do when you find it hard to open up to your new boyfriend because of the pain your past relationship caused you?

Be honest with your boyfriend and tell him you were hurt bad in a past relationship and that it is had to really open up. You also need to let go of the past, not all men will hurt you. You need to stop thinking they are all the same.

Can independence in a relationship hurt the relationship?

no independent at a points where yours stats

How badly can army men get hurt?

army men can get that badly hurt that it causes sudden death or survire suffering

How do you turn a casual relationship with a guy that's been hurt into a real relationship?

built the trust in the relationship first

Why do guys hurt females feelings?

The same reasons women hurt men.

Do men get over women faster than women get over men?

Not really, men just usually hide their feelings better. Both men and women can get hurt after a relationship ends. Women tend to mourn their feelings and talk about the breakup, and men generally start dating new people right away to avoid dealing with their feelings about breakup.