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If you will NEVER be able to see him...for sure, then I'll assume that it's over. One of you will start seeing new people, and besides, you can't see each other! How are you supposed to build your relationship if you two cannot even hold hands or give each other a hug?

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Well, this really is a sad situation you see. Love conquers all, so if you and your true love never see each other, do NOT let a few thousand miles keep your love flame from burning out.


Love DOES conquer all and if you both truly love each other but cannot see each other right now because of distance or whatever that love will not just go away. When you feel lonely, you can think of the day when you will see your loved one again and how awesome it will be!

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Q: What to do if you really love someone but never see them?
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I am way too young for love but i really like someone?

You can never be too young for love! If your ready, loves ready! Just ask them out and see how it goes! It should all work out fine if you really like someone!

Can you really tell if someone really love you?

yes. you could see it in them and in how they treat you.

What if you really love someone?

if you really someone you let them know and tell them how you feel and see if they feel the same way

How do you get over someone you really love but evrey time you see them you love them even more?

What does "seeing" someone have to do with love? Realize that this is not love, merely attraction.

How can you change your feeling's i mean i love someone but i dont want to because the summer classes end and i never see her again?

This is my opinion but i don't think you can change your feelings if you really like someone

What does love relationship to you Can you tell us what is lovers for and How its work really good?

I don't understand your question but if you really love someone tell them or see if they love you to

Is it strange to be in love your heart beats really fast and you bush a ton with someone you never dated rarely even see at age 13?

no, it happens allot at that age

Why do they have the love calculator?

well its just for people that are bored and really love someone and just wanna know..or if someone is really paranoid and just wants to see how the results would come out

How do you know if it is love when you never met the person and you've never dated?

I don't see how you can love someone whom you have never met. What makes love? Love is knowing that person and how they are, who they are, and what they think. Part of "love" is that chemical part when you meet someone and they physically appeal to you. Many people think they love someone they met on the computer, but that isn't a true love. The person with whom you have been communicating with could be in prison, live in a box behind Pet Smart and use the library computer, be a schemer in Nigeria, or a married person You don't know and that is why you aren't "in love", not really.

I am in love i really am but the person i love will never love me back?

seee who he likes first and see wht he likes about her :) good luck also

Can you be in love with someone you have never seen?

Yes that shows that you love the person for what is inside and not out. But you should make sure to see them before you do anything.

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