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Well there is this Quote that says: if you cant get someone out of your head then maybe they're meant to be there. But i think it is very normal, because you cant just stick with your boyfriend and not even think about other guys. And if you are very serious about the guy in your head, and you are sure that you want him more then your current boyfriend, then maybe he is worth leaving your boyfriend for( but keep in mind that u still got to figure out if this guy like you back). Or maybe you can just make a deal with your boyfriend that you have to see other people for a little while.

But then again what do i know, im only 14.

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Q: What to do if you like some one when you have a boyfriend and you can't get this person off your head?
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um if you mean like you have never met in person and will not anytime soon then simple, you cant.

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i cant say exactly, but the person has to like you you have to like them and then you can flirt until he asks you out dont ask how i know....... i never did this, i just see this at my school

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something homemade that has a lot of sentimental value. like a scrapbook, or a note/letter, a collage, or something like that. be creative (:

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She is cheating on her boyfriend with you. Stop wasting your time and get you someone who is available like you are.

You like a girl and her boyfriend found out you like her and told her what should you do?

Dude I have been through this before. You cant really do anything. I mean she knows, whats there to talk about. Trust me man, she might think you are a freak, and she might not, it depends on what kind of person she is, and what kind of person you are.

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I am 18 and i cant stop wanting to get pregnant i have no clue what to do my boyfriend whom i love doesnt know and i just cant get it out of my head i feel like there is something wrong with me?

simple answer,, u r still 18 enjoy ur life. live ur age

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Do you mean...You do not love your boyfriend or you do not love the other person?

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he cant really like you if he is your ex he will be trying to get back with you then

What do you do when you like someone when you have a boyfriend?

find out if that person likes you back, if they do figure out if you like that person more than your boyfriend, and tell your boyfriend that your having feelings for somebody else........................ya i no that sounds kinda like adult but its just what cam out.......hope that helps!!! (:

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