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Just go with it! I like a guy name Will (Not saying he's really short) but he kinda is. As long as you both like each other, everything should go fine. If your going to slow dance look up how to slow dance with a short guy.

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Q: What to do if you like a short guy and your a tall girl?
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Would a tall guy be interested in a short girl?

Yes - more than a tall girl being interested in a short guy.

When something rare like a tall girl dating a short guy occur what kind of chemistry is happening there Is it the same chemistry between a regular tall guy and short girl or dominance and submission?

IT is exactly the same.

How does a short girl hug a tall guy?

Like everybody else. No special technique is required.

When something as rare like a tall girl dating a short guy happens what type of chemistry occurs Is it the same as when a regular guy dates a short girl or dominance and submission?

it is exactly the same.

Short guy tall girl?

It doesn't matter how tall they are! Love is important!

Is 5 feet and 7 inches tall or short?

Rather tall for a GIRL Rather short for a GUY I would say normal. For a girl, it is on the tall side. an inch taller and she would be known as a giant. for a grown guy that is short if your a man and your not 5'8 your short

Is 5'7'' short?

For a guy: No, 5'9 ain't short at all, is quite tall actually, like Tall/Average. 5'7 and below is short, but 5'8 and above is tall. For a girl: 5'9 for a girl is really tall.

Would a tall Black guy date a really short Hispanic girl?

I don't think how short a girl is really matters to any guy, so I'm sure he would date u.

Tall guys like short girls?

Sometimes they do but If he likes you I don't think it's because you're short necessarily. Short and thick, short and petite, or tall. It does not matter but their are a group of guys have a fetish for short and petite girls.(cause they like the dominance or what not) Also short petite girls have their own kind of looking cute that other girls would not be able to pull off. Usually though a taller bigger guy will like a shorter not petite girl. And a taller skinny guy will like a petite and short girl. Doesn't mean they wouldn't take the other but usually this is the case.

Do short guys like tall girls?

I don't think it really matters, depends if the girl doesn't judge a guy by his height, and what he looks, then you both will have a very happy life. I agree! I for one am a tall girl but i like a short guy. I don't think height should matter as long as you like the guy. Yes! If the girl likes him, then definately. It's just that the girl cares if the guy feels insecure of his height because of her and that causes some problems. Yes, I'm 5'6" and my girlfriend is 6'3.

Is 5 foot 2 tall?

Its average for a girl and kind of short for a guy. Depends how old you are too.

Im 15 5 Feet Tall and 110 pounds Is That Bad?

for a girl yea for a guy its a little short