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Q: What to do if you hit your nose really hard?
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Why do people get bloody noses around paranormal happenings?

when ever they get hit in the nose real hard and when you blow your nose really hard.

Can you get meningitis from a hit on the nose?

if you hit it very hard, yes

What do i do when my ferret when she hit's her nose hard on the floor?

take her to the vet!

Can you kill a porcupine by hitting it on the nose?

It is not recommended to hit a porcupine or any animal. Porcupines have very sharp quills that they can use for self-defense, and trying to harm them can result in injury to both parties. It is best to leave porcupines alone and avoid any interaction with them in the wild.

How hard do you have to be hit in the skull to die?

really really hard

How do I get rid of pimples IN my nostrils?

First blow your nose REALLY HARD and i mean REALLY HARd. But if that doesnt work, get a electric nose hair trimmer and shave em off. Be a Man! Or if your a woman Be a WoMan!

How hard do you have to hit a tree to break your wrist?

Really hard

Can you hurt a dog by hitting him on the nose?

It matters how hard you hit him, how old, and how big the dog is.

How can you get a big nose?

if your parents did like the genes in the family or if you break it or hit hard it will swell up

How do you punch and make someones nose bleed?

eat a chickens head, or punch someone so hard in the kidneys, the wall of the kidney breaks therefore letting some on the internal blood, inside the kidney, therefore going into your bladder, and pissing blood.

What can one do to get amnesia?

hit your head really hard

If you get hit with a football in the face and your nose bleeds can you get a concussion?

Yes, if the hit to the head is hard enough. I personally threw a pass that hit a friend hard enough to give him a concussion. We had to take him to the campus clinic. They diagnosed him with a concussion.