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he likes you

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Q: What to do if a guy cant keep his eyes off you?
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You love this guy and you told him but now he cant keep his eyes off you dous he feel the same?

YES HE FEELS THE SAME if he keeps looking at you then he likes you... ask him out and see what he says if he says no he was just looking at you because you where looking at him.

When a man sees you and his eyes sparkle and his face lights up after the second he sees you and he cant keep his eyes off you does that mean something special does he like me?

He probably does like you :).

How can you tell if you like someone?

You get nervous around them. You cant wait to see them. You are interested in everything they have to say when they talk. You cant keep your eyes off them. You feel butterflies in your stomache and enjoy the heck out of being with them.

When a guy is obsessed with you and stalks you to work and cannot keep his eyes off you would getting muscles scare him away?

no, if your a girl, it will make him horny.

How do you take off your eyes from a guy whom you like?

Think of something else other than him, look cute and don't look at him.. just think it will give him time to keep his eyes on you!

What has eyes but cant see a tongue that cant taste smell badley and has a back that can come on or off?

A RINO!!! right?

What does it mean if you cant get someone you know off your mind?

are you a guy or girl? if you a guy and you have a guy on your mind your gay and if its a girl you like her. if your a girl vise-versa

How can you tell if your friend likes you he always smiles and talks to you he cant keep his eyes off you and his friends keep looking at you?

well you look him in the eye and make it seem like you are going to draw forward but dont and if he comes closer and tries to kiss you then he likes you

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