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If a person looses love in a relationship you should tell him / her how you feel. Being honest is what you should have so others will not be hurt.

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Q: What to do after one person looses love in a relationship?
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Will you choose the person who loves you very much over the person you love but doesn't loves you?

I wouldn't choose either one. In a relationship both people must care for/love each other for there to be any chance of a lasting, fulfilling relationship. If you enter into a relationship where love is present from one person and not the other there will always be disappointment and a longing for love from that person. It is a one-sided relationship. I would wait until you meet the person that you love and who loves you in return. There is someone out there for everyone. It can be very difficult to move on from someone you love but if that person does not return your love that relationship will never be fulfilling or bring you happiness. The relationship will not last and someone will end up hurt. Wait for the right person to come along. It will happen.

What is the treatment for the person that is in love?

There's no treatment but to explore the possibilities of relationship with the one that you love.

In relationships will one always love the other more?

In a relationship one will love the other more. You won't be able to prove it right away but soon the person will see how much love is in the relationship.

What do you value more a relationship or the person you love?

both. you cant have one with out the other

What do you call a relationship where you love one person yet they love another?

Relationship all about attraction, likeness, and attention. If the person you are interested is liking someone else then you have to try more to win his/her heart.

What are the benefits of a healthy person in a relationship?

If one person in a relationship is not healthy then you run the risk of not devloping true love but Nightingale syndrome instead. This is where the ill person becomes so dependent on the healthy partner, that they confuse that dependancy for love.

What is the meaning of a roof cannot be supported in one culumn when it comes on love relationship?

AnswerThis means a relationship cannot survive if only one person maintains the relationship such as communication, respect, love, etc. BOTH people in the relationship have to want it to work out or the relationship cannot survive.

What to do if you are in a relationship but you think your in love with some one else how do you know if you love the other person?

how do you know if you love the other person?ans: you always think of him/her 24 hours a day. as if b4 you sleep and he/she is the first thing/person that/who comes into your mind when you wake up.What to do if you are in a relationship but you think your in love with some one else?first, you shoud analyze & realize if you are really in love with the other person, & that person feels something for you too.second, ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.& third, (f u really love the other person) talk honestly to the person whom you have relationship with and tell him/her the truth.face the consequences bravely.

If one stop loving can you call that love?

If one stops loving the other it is no longer a relationship. The one person that does love the other is love and they may love the person for a long while. Just because one stops loving the other doesn't mean love flies out the window for the other person. You can only call it love from your point of view.

What do you do if you're in a relationship and you love that person but you are also in love with someone else?

You can't be in love with someone else. You pick one, and thats the girl you pick.

What does it mean to break up?

Breaking up is when one or both of the couple involved realize they are not in love with the other or one mate decides they do not love the other and decide to stop the relationship and each person in the relationship goes their separate ways.

What are the features of a satisfying relationship?

Trust is the main factor in a relationship. Without it, there isn't much of a relationship.