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go to the doctors and get it checked out. it may be broken :(

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Q: What to do about smashed finger tip that turned green?
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A dactylion is the tip of what finger?

The middle finger

When was Tip - Finger Eleven song - created?

Tip - Finger Eleven song - was created in 1997.

Is the tip of your thumb 1 inch?

yes, in ancient times people used the tip of their finger to measure out an inch. they also used the length from the tip their finger to the other tip of their finger to measure the persons height.

How do you cure a finger tip amputation at home to cure a finger tip amputation?

with the help of lemon(Citrus)

What happens to the tip of the finger in mallet finger?

Without the support provided by the tendon, the short bone at the tip of the finger drops downward at an awkward angle.

What are the six triangular bandages in the first aid box for?

(finger tip bandage- its used just for that the finger tip, it's meant to wrap around the finger

Is it true that if you spread your arms out as far as you can from finger tip to finger tip that's how tall you are?

No, but in most cases its not far off.

What is the definition of dangkal?

span from the tip of the tumb to the tip of the middle finger

What is Distance between tip of thumb and tip of little finger?


What is dermal puncture?

Puncture to the finger tips

What to do when you cut the tip of you finger off?

Go to the emergency room immediately. If you can find the tip of your finger, bring it with. They may be able to reattach it.

Where do hamsters bath?

take a q tip an wet it or use your finger tip