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Use warm compress on bump and put a thin layer of 10% benzoyl peroxide.

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Q: What to do about big red bump on nose that hurts badly?
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What do you do if your hamsters nose has a big bump on it?

Take your hamster to the vet it might have a disease.

What if you hit your forehead right above nose and a big bump appears?

A: That's when you turn into a Richard Cranium!!

Did Ashlee Simpson have plastic surgery?

Yes, Ashlee Simpson has gone under the knife for a Nose Job, also known as the Rhinoplastyto remove a big bump from her nose.

Bump on forehead not a pimple its as big as a misquito bite but doesnt itch and hurts what could it be?

It could be a underskin pimple or a calcium spot or a skin color mole...

Big red bump on the nose?

Make sure to put wash the bump with soap twice a day and . Put some cream on it so that it can heal and don't try to pop it because you will make it wrost.

Can you use kosher salt for nose piercing bump?

If it is a bump on your nose piercing that isn't filled with puss but keeps growing it is most likely a keloid. The best thing to use is TEA TREE OIL. It comes in a little bottle and you can find it at a Walmart where all the medicines are. Dip a q-tip in the bottle and apply a little of the oil to the bump. DO NOT TOUCH THE BUMP OR MESS WITH IT as that's what makes it bigger. It should clear up in a few days depending on how big the bump is and how much you mess with it.

Hard bump on your chin but it is not a zit what is it?

it is a bruise or a pimple forming it hurts alot even to the touch and it can take up to a week to form a pimple but it is a big one good luck! do not pop it though

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I would wait till you are older. I have a bump and my nose is larger. It's crooked as well, but the length and shape fits my face now that I am older. You may grow into your nose. Don't do it at 15, you may regret it. Also, most plastic surgeries don't turn out as well as you had hoped unless you do spend a lot of money. Cheaper surgeries mean cheaper looking nose jobs. ::::: Thankyouu and yeahh i guess your right! but i grew into it a little but its still rele big

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