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warfarin and swordfih

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Q: What to avoid while on warfrin?
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Can you take antihistamines while taking warfarin?

can you take razene tablets with warfrin

Can you drink 5 hour energy while I'm taking warfrin?

well maybe but i wont try it

What element in found in rat poison?

Arsnic and Warfrin

Can you lift weights with a blood clot?

My doctor said I could do so, and It didnt affect it. They encouraged me to continue lifting because it kept the blood flowing, but I was lifting while on Warfrin.

Can you take zicam and warfarin together?

can you take zicam and warfrin together

Can I take fish oil tablets with WARFRIN TABs?

Fish is fine. Foods to avoid are those high in Vitamin K (as they can cause the Warfrin to be less effective). For women Vit. K should not exceed 90mcg and for men 120mcg - foods such as:KaleSpinachBrussels sproutsParsleyCollard greensMustard greensChardGreen tea(Note: there is no need to completely avoid the above, but should not be eaten in large amounts or too often).Foods that SHOULD be avoided are:Cranberry juiceAlcoholAs they can further thin the blood and cause bleeding issues.Warfrin is also know : (under the brand names) Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and Warfant.

If you take warfrin can you take ibuprofan?

Serious medical question: ask a General Practitioner/Pharmacist.

What ingredients is in warfrin?

Warfarin(coumadin?) No drug book handy. Google prescription meds and enter either of these names.

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