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To phone them (by the way wat doese oppropriate mean)

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Q: What the most appropriate way that the nurse can meet the client need with TB?
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What position is most appropriate for you to massage a client that is in her third trimester?

Side-lying. However ask your client first.

How should one dress for a meet and greet?

Business casual is generally appropriate attire for most meet and greets.

When transferring a client most of the clients weight should be supported by the nurse aides?

before taking the oral temperature of a client has just finished a cold drink, the nurse aide should wait

What are the relationship between servers and clients in www system?

For the most part, the client system sends a request for information to the server. The server receives the request and then sends the appropriate information to the client. The client then receives the information from the server.

What is the key role of travel wholesalers in regard to the client and the principal?

Travel wholesalers help link the most appropriate clients to the right principals. They ensure that a client does not spend too much time looking for the right seller.

Can a nurse practitioner write a narcotic prescription?

Yes, nurse practitioners with appropriate training and licensing can write prescriptions for narcotics in most states. Contact your state board of nursing for information specific to your location.

What Are The Most Appropriate Network Operating Systems for client-server and peer-to-peer networks?

The question does not fully make sense , but as far as I understood - any unix based OS is good for you.

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Is one of the most important functions an NOS provides?

Client support

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A zero client is another term for a thin client, a computing term for a minimal client which relies on the server to do most of its processing.

Who is the person who is examined?

The person who a doctor or nurse examines is most times called a patient. Some institutions will sometime use the word 'client' esp for someone who is not ill as patient sometimes connotates sickness.

Who makes the most money a nurse or cota?