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Nothing, just go for it.

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Q: What the man should do when you try hug your girlfriend and sleep together?
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How should you hug your girlfriend?

I am personally a girl, & how you should hug your girlfriend is wrap your arms around her waist,some girls like it when you hug their waist from behind! i'm sure i do!

If your girlfriend is really close to you should you hug her?

Why not?? Yes! =)

What should i do when she agree's to my proposal to be my girlfriend?

Hug her and then kiss her.

Should you be nervous to hug your girlfriend in front of her friends?

no not at all

What should i do if my girlfriend wont hug me?

break up with her cause she obviously don't care about you :(

Can you hug your girlfriend the first day you going out?

Of course. In fact, most people hug anyway when they are not in a relationship of any form. Do not let anyone pressure you to do anything more than hug if that's all you feel like. You should do what you feel comfortable with and talk to your girlfriend.

Should you hug your crush if he has a girlfriend?

NO. It would just make things difficult. Wait till they break up.

Is it okay to hug other girls when the guy has a girlfriend?

Absolutely, as long as it just a friendly hug.

How do you hug your girlfriend?

* Put your arms around her am hug tight like a good young man

If a guy has a girlfriend but tells you your pretty and hugs you really like really really tight is that an i like you hug or your a good friend hug?

Its a good friend hug because if he really liked you he would have ened it with his girlfriend

How do you cheer up your girlfriend?

give her flowers and a hug

What happens to guys that cant hug their girlfriend?

they die! : (