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gender bias ;)

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Q: What the different treatment of men and women called?
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What types of men do women prefer?

Different men prefer different women the same as different women prefer different men.

Is there an over-the-counter HPV treatment for men?

No. There is no over-the-counter HPV treatment for either men or women.

What is called a men who sees different women at one time?

Gender bias

Why are there different diets for women and men?

There are different diets for women and men, because men and women have different metabolisms and dietary requirements. Men for instance require more calories per day than women.

Are men and women the same?

men and women are very different

Does volleyball have different nets for men and women?

Yes, their are different net sizes for men vs. women.

What classification by gender means giving separate treatment to?

Men and Women

Classification by gender means giving separate treatment to .?

Men and Women

Are men's and women's brain's different?

yes! because men like women for there looks. and women like men for there acts.

Why are women and men's shoe sizes different?

Because men and women have different sized feet!!!!! If you knew that by now.

What is the male term for kimono?

Both men and women wear a kimono. It isn't called anything different.

Is there a Video documentary for willard drug treatment center?

Yes, it's called 'Wake Up Screaming'. And, you can watch it on youtube. It follows two men and two women through their "shock" treatment program.