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gunther tinka sniff

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Q: What term best describes the process in which individuals or groups gain increasing control over their health?
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What describes a process the cell use to control metabolism?

feedback inhibition

What term describes a process the cell to control metabolism?

feedback inhibition

What is the process that directs the activities of individuals toward achieving organizational goals?

The answer is "Control"

Which shape best describes the social stratification in society?

the process of placing individuals into groups, social classes, or ranks

What is the general process called when Every society tries to regulate the behavior of individuals?

Social Control

What statement best describes health promotion?

it is the process of enabling people to exercise more control over their health

Is empowerment noun?

Yes, the word 'empowerment' is a noun, a word for the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make decisions and take actions; a word for a thing.

What sort of stuff does McDonaldization do?

McDonaldization is a term that describes the the control of a process. In the case of McDonalds, it means the process of making a hamburger, is more controlled and everything comes out the same.

What is the process of making new individuals?

The process of making new individuals is called reproduction.

What is the major difference between control process and process control?

Difference between control process and process control is that system control process is typically the large scale version of where process control is used.

What term describes a process the cell uses to control metabolism?

by controlling the kinds of enzymes presentt in a cell, their concentration, and their activity

How can the assessment and planning process or documentation be adapted to maximise an individuals ownership?

I am expecting an answer not to be the one who answers!