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Calcium is necessary for maintaining the strength of teeth and bones, so a deficiency in calcium would be a primary cause of breakage of either. Vitamin D is also needed for absorption of calcium.

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Q: What systemic deficiencies cause teeth to break?
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Can topamax cause teeth pain?

I have had a need to break my teeth. hold them together so hard until they break. Only on topamax.

Is chattering your teeth bad?

yes it can break the tops of your teeth off & cause jaw problems

What precautions needs to be used with holistic dentistry?

claim that root canal-treated teeth cause NICO and other chronic systemic diseases and require removal of all these teeth and the healthy teeth surrounding them. Critics state that these extreme measures are bizarre and

What are the contra-indication of teeth extraction?

what is systemic contraindication of extraction?

What risk will be reduced when you get enough calcium?

deficiencies related to bone and teeth health.

What prescription medications cause teeth to break and crack?

Medications which have an adverse effect of bruxism (teeth-grinding) may cause cracking of teeth due to the high repetitive pressure applied between teeth , especially throughout the night. Stimulants such as diet medications may cause this, as may "activating" antidepressants such as Prozac/Paxil/Zoloft.

Why do your teeth keep break off?

by medical point of view it breaks because of calcium deficiency , some diseases that cause swelling in gums and cause loss of teeth , by cavities teeth breaks or some times they are removed by doctor causing a lot of pain in gums .

Can jaw busters break your jaws?

No, but they can break your teeth.

Can diabetes cause your gums and teeth to hurt?

if you have constant high blood sugar, the capilaries in your body break down. can cause them to hurt. bad for you!!!

Your friend wants to go out with your cruch what do you do?

break her teeth tell her to get a life and stop nicking your guys then break her teeth

Why do guinea pigs teeth break?

may be cause they are weak or they have had a fight with another guinea pig. if you can feel the teeth dont worry they will grow back. but if they arent there you should see your vet hope this helps

What makes teeth to break?

Breaking can result from internal causes like extreme mastication (which usually only results in chipping), gum disease (gingivitis) which undermines root structure, making teeth susceptible to cracking (under torque) and multiple cavities (from poor hygiene or systemic deficiencies) which weaken the remaining enamel, thus leading to fissures and separations. External causes include falls, fights and vehicle accidents. Any concentrated or massive force on the teeth from front or side can chip, crack or dislodge a single tooth or many teeth. Until the 1930s most people who lost teeth learned to live without them or had "false teeth" crafted for their upper and/or lower jaws. Today orthodontic surgeons can implant titanium posts to which skilled dentists can affix life-like enamel crowns.