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The skeletal system, nervous system, and muscular systems are most directly involved with ambulation.

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muscular and skeletal. Nervous system too if you count the brain

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Q: What system is involved in ambulation?
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What is ambulating?

An ambulation is an act of walking around.

What is an exact verb for walking?

The verb is "ambulation"

What is in ambulation?

救護車 [jiu hu che].

Purpose of ambulation?

It can be defined as followed. Walking about or walking near.

How do you do ambulation?

That is the correct spelling of "ambulance" (emergency medical vehicle).

What has the author Lois Sorenson written?

Lois Sorenson has written: 'Ambulation guide for nurses' -- subject(s): Crutches, Gait, Orthopedic Equipment, People with disabilities, Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation nursing, Utilization 'Ambulation' -- subject(s): Rehabilitation

Which organ system is involved in sweating?

Following systems are involved during sweating 1) Excretory system 2) Respiratory system 3) Cardiovasular system 4) Gastro intestinal system 5) Endocrine system 6) Integumentary

What organ system is involved in the production and release of hormones?

The endocrine system is involved in the production and release of hormones.

What body system are involved in vominting?

The Digestive system.

What cells are involved in most nervous system tumors?

the cells involved in most nervous system tumors are called

What body systems are involved in reaction to a stimulus?

Fundamentally the system involved in a reaction to a stimuli is the nervous system.

What system are involved in a muscle contraction?

skeletal system, Digestive and Nervous system.