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You mean other than your health? Yeah, just about everyone around you that might not smoke (or even smokers) breathing the same air as well are in jeopardy of the so called second hand smoke.

And I use to smoke, so I would say; yeah I can relate to the question being asked.

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the system that is damage most when smoking tobacco is the respiratory system

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Q: What system is damage most when smoking tobacco?
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Is it legal to harm your own health by smoking tobacco products?

It is legal to smoke tobacco in most places.

What are the benefits of smoking homegrown tobacco?

It is most likely cheaper to smoke home grown tobacco and you know exactly what is in it

Is smoking tobacco worse for your health than drinking alcohol?

Most definitley.

Why is it that most tobacco executives don't smoke?

Most likely it is because they know smoking is unhealthy.

What are smoking pipes used for?

Smoking pipes are used for a variety of things. They are most commonly used for smoking pipe tobacco, but there are many who use them to smoke marijuana.

What is in tobacco to make people keep smoking?

Nicotine, one of the most highly-addictive substances known.

What does tobacco do to the heart?

tobacco itself is mostly harmless. the heart is not likely to take damage from tobacco at all. the most dangerous about tobacco is the added chemicals. most common in use is perfume and mild painkiller so your throat won't get sore.

How are some ways to get mouth cancer?

There are many ways to get mouth cancer, but the most common way is by smoking or using smoking tobacco. Look at WebMD for symptoms.

Will pipe tobacco cause lung cancer?

yes it will. the burning and smoking of tobacco and most other plant material introduces DNA mutagens to the cells of your lungs, causing cancer. Also pipe tobacco is not intended for lung inhalation, mainly mouth

Where can one learn facts about tobacco?

The Tobacco free Florida and the cancer websites have vast information on tobacco. Most places in the U.S have no smoking permitted in public places. Tobacco is deadly to smokers but also passive smoke has shown problems.

When you smoke a blunt you get a headache why?

The most likely reason is that it's the nicotine headrush from the blunt wrap. These are made from tobacco leaves, and if you aren't used to smoking tobacco, it can give you a headache.

Can you chew tobacco and become a police officer?

Most departments require the person to be tobacco free. But many cops do use it and its looked at with a blind eye since they are not smoking cigarettes.