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Spider and fly

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owl and mouse

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Q: What symbiotic relationship is most like a predator- prey relationship?
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What symbiotic relationship is most like the predator and prey relationship?


What symbiosis relationship is most like a predator-pray relationship?

parasitism. :D

What do Anemone Crabs eat?

No. Hermit crabs and sea anemones have a symbiotic relationship that is not the typical prey/predator relationship of most organisms.

Does Physarum polycephalum have a symbiotic relationship?

most probably! (mycoearthdome*

What is symbiotic relationship in plants?

Plants make and propagate with seeds. It isn't a symbiotic relationship since that is inter-species. Many plants have symbiotic relationships with insects (bees and flowers). link on symbiosis:

What is a close long term relationship between two or more species?

A symbiotic relationship is a close long term relationship.

Is the host harmed in symbiotic relationship?

No. Most often the host is not bothered and sometimes it is helped.

What kind of relationship does a snow leopard have with other animals?

The snow leopard is an apex predator and hence has a Predator - Prey relationship with most animals that it shares its jungles with.

How is symbiotic relationship different from predators prey relationship?

A symbiotic relationship involves 2 species livingtogether. Mutualism is when both benefit. Commensalism is when one benefits without harming the other. Parasitism is when one species benefits while harming--but not killing--the other. An example of parasitism would be a tick on a dog. If the dog died, it would stop pumping blood for the tick to consume. In predator-prey relationships, most often one party must die for the other to benefit.

Are symbiotic relationships part of an organisms niche?

Yes, an organisms niche essentially includes being in a symbiotic relationship because the niche is the role the organism plays or what it contributes to it's ecosystem therefore being in a symbiotic relationship in part of the role it plays and how it contributes.

Is it true that Predator-prey is the most important type of ecological relationship?

No it is not true.

What are the Predator-prey relationships in Fiji islands?

There are different forms of the predator-prey relationships in Fiji islands. The mountain lion and deer is the most common type of predator-prey relationship.