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I think that it can mate with itself!Know this sounds a little strange but...

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Q: What symbiotic relationship does a scorpion have?
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What symbiotic relationship is there between a lizard and black scorpion?

They both have a thing that does a thing

How does a dolphin help a sponge in the symbiotic relationship?

I need a symbiotic relationship with the PORPOISE..

What animal has a symbiotic relationship with a reptile?

One symbiotic relationship is cactus and lizard

Spider crab and algae is what symbiotic relationship?

The symbiotic relationship is mutualism

What is the difference of symbiotic and non symbiotic relationship?

a symbiotic relationship is one in which either one or both organisms require the relationship. In a non symbiotic relationship, neither require it.

What is the symbiotic relationship between cow and sheep?

Sheep and cows don't have a symbiotic relationship.

Does a moose have a symbiotic relationship?

An unborn moose calf has a symbiotic relationship with it's mother.

What is the symbiotic relationship of the mistletoe and the spruce?

The symbiotic relationship between the mistletoe and the spruce is parasitism.

What are chameleon's symbiotic relationships?

A symbiotic relationship is where two or more different species live together to the mutal benefit of each other. A chameleon's ability to change color depending on its surroundings is an adaptation, not a symbiotic relationship. If it were a symbiotic relationship, that would mean that the chameleon would have a symbiotic relationship with a tree, but it would also have a symbiotic relationship with the sidewalk. It just doesn't work.

What is the weasels symbiotic relationship?

what symbiotic realtion is the weasel

What is the symbiotic relationship between people and malaria?

the symbiotic relationship between malaria and people is parasitism

What term best describes a symbiotic relationship in which one is helped and the other is harmed?

A parasitic relationship, which you describe, is not symbiotic. A symbiotic relationship is one which is beneficial to both entities.