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There are numerous supplements you could take. You should first consult your physician before you take anything new to make sure it will not interact with your medication now.

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Q: What supplemental medications are available for bipolar treatment?
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Which statement about lithium as a treatment for bipolar disorder is NOT true?

It interferes with the effectiveness of antidepressant medications.

Is it possible to get residential treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

Yes you can in fact go to a treatment center for a bipolar disorder. You will have to see what is available in your area.

What type of help does one with childhood bipolar disorder need?

To date, there is no cure for bipolar disorder. However, treatment with medications, psychotherapy, or both may help people get better. It's important for you to know that children sometimes respond differently to psychiatric medications than adults do.

Can acupressure be a treatment for bipolar disorder?

It's not known to be an effective treatment for bipolar disorder.

What kind of harm can taking medications for bipolar disease effect a fetus?

Several bipolar medications are known to cause birth defects.

How do you deal with your bipolar disorder?

Treatment for bipolar is a combination of medication and psychotherapy.

What medication can you take for bipolar that won't cause sexual side affects?

The preferred medications for bipolar are the mood stabilizers, they are very unlikely to cause sexual side effects. Its the antidepressants that most frequently cause such side effects, and they are usually avoided in most bipolar treatment due to the risk of breakthrough mania.

Can xanax be used for bi-polar disorder?

While xanax (and other antianxiety medications) are not primary treatments for bipolar disorder, anxiety is often a secondary symptom. If a person with bipolar is having anxiety problems treatment with a benzodiazepine like xanax may be appropriate.

What are the components of bipolar treatment?

"Bipolar treatment is broken down into three main categories, medication, education and psychotherapy." "There are two phases of bipolar treatment, an acute phase, which is used to treat the current bipolar state, and the preventive phase, which is used to make sure the symptoms don't return."

Is there a bipolar treatment center in or near Little Rock, Arkansas?

There is the Bridge Way Bipolar Treatment Center. It is a great treatment center. It is located in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Is Adam Ant currently on any medications for his bipolar disorder?

Good question. Bipolar Disorder affects everyone differently, so whether Adam Ant is on medications or not, he said in his Autobiography: "I am in recovery."

What is Nardil used for?

for the treatment of bipolar disorder