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There are various substances that animals release to the environment. Carbon dioxide is one of substances which is then taken in by plants for purposes of photosynthesis.

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Q: What substances to animals release to the environment?
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What substances do animals release into the environment?

All animals release carbon dioxide by breathing.All animals, humans included, release food waste.Cattle and other ruminant animals release methane from both ends, but mostly from the front.

What substances do the plants release to the environment?


What substance to animals release to the environment?

Animals release carbon dioxide when they breathe. They also release fese (poop) into the environment.

Are houseflies useful to the environment?

Houseflies are quite useful to the environment as they help in decomposing of substances. They are also used as food by certain animals on earth.

How do animals release phosphate to the environment?

Through their dung.

How do plants and animals affect the environment?

they release methane gas and co2

What is the definition of nuclear pollution?

nuclear pollution is the type of pollution caused due to the release of radioactive substances in the environment

Brief Details on pollution?

Pollution involves any action that introduces harmful substances into the environment, which contaminate land, air, or water. These contaminants released into the environment also can affect humans and animals.

What substances damage the environment?

It is people.

What are substances damaging the environment?

It is people.

What is alleopathy?

The chemical inhibition of one plant (or other organism) by another, due to the release into the environment of substances acting as germination or growth inhibitors

This happens when there are harmful substances in the environment?