What substance causes muscle fatigue?

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The buildup of lactic acid causes muscle fatigue.

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Q: What substance causes muscle fatigue?
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Related questions

What is the name of the substance which causes muscle fatigue?

lactic acid

What substance causes pain in the muscle after hard work?

Lactic acid. While it doesn't actually cause pain by itself (it causes muscle fatigue), a buildup of it can.

What causes muscle fatigue and how do you know if you are expreiencing muscle fatigue?

Muscle fatigue results due to accumulation of lactic acid in muscle. It formed by anaerobic breakdown of glucose.

What are the causes of muscle fatigue?

over exertion

The build up of which substance is responsible for muscle fatigue?

lactic acid

Causes of muscle fatigue?

Muscle fatigue may be caused by overexertion or a lack of nutrition. Aside from these, the other two causes center around the nerve signal and the ability of the muscle fibers to contract properly.

What chemical build up causes muscle fatigue and muscle cramps?

Lactic Acid

What inhibits muscular contraction?

Muscle fatigue has a number of causes including ion imbalance within the muscle or nervous fatigue. And most importantly, from the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle.

What are some proposed causes of skeletal muscle fatigue?

lactate accumulation

When fermentation occurs in muscle cells muscle fatigue is called by the production of?

Lactic acid builds up and causes muscle burn.

What is fibermyosis?

Fibermyosis is a syndrome that causes chronic muscle pain and fatigue. Sometimes it can cause weakening muscle pain.

Explain what causes oxygen debt and muscle fatigue?

The production of lactic acid anaerobically...

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